Community Development and Education

AIDS Niagara’s Community Development and Education Program promotes positive health behaviours and communicates accurate and factual information, specifically about HIV/AIDS. We ensure individuals are able to make well informed decisions about their sexual health and well-being.
We are available to attend community events and host education workshops throughout the Niagara Region.

  • It is important to us that we to create meaningful and engaging partnerships within our community, involve the Niagara community and be present within it. Some of the way we do this include:

    • Committee and membership roles: the education team sits on and contributes to community forums including The Gender and Sexual Diversity Committee,
    • Health fairs and vendor booths: we create education displays and provide sexual health information, statistics for the public
    • Prevention Posse: The ‘Play Safe’ Prevention Posse is a group of volunteers who are trained to answer questions about basic sexual health information and distribute “Play Safe” tote bags equipped with education materials, condoms, lubricant and other safer sex materials. We ‘party’ with crowds at local bars, community events and fairs. Interested in joining the posse or having us at your event? Contact

  • Education has always been one of the most effective ways of preventing new HIV infections and understanding those who are infected. Once people understand what behaviour contains risks, they then can understand what they can do to prevent the transmission of HIV. Reducing their own risk is the first step. Our education efforts include:

    • Presentations, workshops and seminars: education is tailored to suit the need of the school, business or community group requesting information.
      Topics offered include:

      • AIDS Niagara- our scope of service, programs offered, history of the organization.
      • Introduction to HIV/AIDS- what is the virus, how you contract it, testing info.
      • Health Information- opportunistic infections, treatment, complementary therapies,well-being.
      • Risk Reduction- negotiating safer sex, safe needle use, universal precautions.
      • Psycho-Social Issues- living with HIV, how people are affected, society’s response.
      • Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation- intro to 2 spectrums, impact of societal attitudes.
      • HIV/AIDS Caregivers- caring for someone living with HIV, basic palliative care, affect on families/friends.
      • Specific Communities- HIV/AIDS and: women/men/youth/injection drug users/children/gay/bisexual/sex-trade workers/ transgendered
      • Specific Issues- HIV/AIDS and: addictions/mental health/sex-trade/human rights/health care/ ethical considerations/ workplace and employment.

    Other details: education events can be held at AIDS Niagara offices accommodating up to 25 people/session, we are also happy to come to your school, workplace or community space.

    Our experience…
    AIDS Niagara’s education team presents to: both Public and Catholic High school students in the Niagara Region, workplaces and community agecnies in the Niagara Region, health care professionals and service providers (PSW students, nursing and medical students).

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To request AIDS Niagara to be at your next event or to request an education presentation, please contact us for more details.

AIDS Niagara’s Community Development and Education Strategies Include: 

  • The program is committed to reducing the rate of HIV infection through education and awareness in our community and to reducing the stigma, discrimination and barriers associated with living with HIV/AIDS. The negative attitudes toward people living with HIV/AIDS are commonly the result of fear or lack of knowledge. By UNDERSTANDING the facts about HIV, how it is and isn’t transmitted, and by recognizing that anyone is at risk of HIV infection if they engage in certain activities, that fear can be replaced by compassion, understanding and support. Learn more about how we are working to STICK IT TO STIGMA here.

    For more information about the program please contact Hailea:

  • “The Women’s Community Development Program is committed to ensuring that organizations in the Niagara community are well educated, well informed and have the capacity to offer a supportive environment to women who are at risk or infected with HIV/AIDS.”

    Each year in Ontario, about 300 women test positive for HIV. Women now make up an increasingly large proportion of new HIV cases in Ontario: 23 to 25% in 2007 and 2008 (Ontario Epidemiologic Monitoring unit 2009). The Women’s Community Development Program was created as a response to the increasing number of new cases of women testing positive for HIV in Ontario.

    For more information about the program please contact Sarah:

  • In Canada, there is an ever-increasing number of gay men and other MSM who are being diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) reports that in 2011, there were 35, 490 gay men or MSM in Canada living with HIV/AIDS. PHAC estimates that 25% of those men were not aware they had contracted the virus. Gay men and MSM accounted for 50% of all Canadians who were HIV+ in 2011 and as of the end of 2012, the HIV/AIDS infection rate for gay men and MSM continues to rise.

    The Community Development and Education Program for Gay Men and MSM is an initiative to promote education, awareness and outreach to men having man-to-man sex and to healthcare and other service-providers involved in the treatment and/or support of those with HIV/AIDS.

    For more information about the program please contact Dan: 

  • The program works with the community to build capacity to respond to HIV prevention needs with African, Caribbean and Black people, focusing on to improving the quality of life for those affected or at risk. Support is provided to individuals and training to community agencies that is culturally appropriate for each population.

    For more information please contact Winnie: