What is StreetWorks?

StreetWorks is a harm reduction program that offers sterile injection and disposal supplies to people who inject drugs.  The program is free, confidential and serves the entire Niagara Region.

What Is Available:

  • Needles and syringes in various sizes
  • Sharps containersstreetworks-supplies
  • Ties, filters, alcohol swabs, sterile spoons
  • Condoms, lubricant, dental dams
  • Information on safer sex, safer injection
  • Non-judgemental supportive counselling and referrals
  • Nursing services in the office and in the van providing  HIV, hepatitis A,B and C testing as well as STI testing, pregnancy tests and minor wound care.
  • Hep C outreach worker is available to answer questions and get people linked into the Hepatitis C Care Clinic to be assessed for treatment.

Afternoons at StreetWorks

Monday Afternoons: 1-4pm Public Health Nurse is available for HIV, Hep C and STI testing as well as wound care.
Tuesday Afternoons: 1-4pm Hepatitis C Outreach Worker, from the Hepatitis C Care Clinic, is available to answer questions, provide referrals for Hep C treatment and support for people going through the treatment.

Call for an appointment or drop in to see the Public Health Nurse or Hepatitis C Outreach Worker.

We Can Come to You!

StreetWorks can meet you where you are at Monday – Friday from 6-10:30pm.
For Mobile Service call the StreetWorks cell phone (905) 328-6715.
You can also visit our office, Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm and ask to speak with a StreetWorks staff person.

How to contact StreetWorks:
(905) 984-8684

Rhonda- ext.116 –
Jim- ext. 117 –
Keira- ext. 122 –