What is StreetWorks?

StreetWorks is a harm reduction program that offers sterile injection and disposal supplies to people who inject drugs.  The program is free, confidential and serves the entire Niagara Region.

What Is Available:

  • Needles and syringes in various sizes
  • Sharps containersstreetworks-supplies
  • Ties, filters, alcohol swabs, sterile spoons
  • Condoms, lubricant, dental dams
  • Information on safer sex, safer injection
  • Non-judgemental supportive counselling and referrals
  • Nursing services in the office and in the van providing  HIV, hepatitis A,B and C testing as well as STI testing, pregnancy tests and minor wound care.
  • Hep C outreach worker is available to answer questions and get people linked into the Hepatitis C Care Clinic to be assessed for treatment.

Safer Inhalation Kits Coming Soon

We are pleased to announce that we will begin distributing safer inhalation kits sometime this summer! Kits will include:

  • stems
  • brass screens
  • mouthpieces
  • wooden chopstick
  • written information
  • …and more

Afternoons at StreetWorks

Monday Afternoons: 1-4pm Public Health Nurse is available for HIV, Hep C and STI testing as well as wound care.
Tuesday Afternoons: 1-4pm Hepatitis C Outreach Worker, from the Hepatitis C Care Clinic, is available to answer questions, provide referrals for Hep C treatment and support for people going through the treatment.

Call for an appointment or drop in to see the Public Health Nurse or Hepatitis C Outreach Worker.

We Can Come to You!

StreetWorks can meet you where you are at Monday – Friday from 6-10:30pm.
For Mobile Service call the StreetWorks cell phone (905) 328-6715.
You can also visit our office, Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm and ask to speak with a StreetWorks staff person.

How to contact StreetWorks:
(905) 984-8684

Rhonda- ext.116 –
Jim- ext. 117 –
Talia – ext. 122 –

Beyond the N.O.D Overdose Prevention

Streetworks is offering FREE training on how to use naloxone – a drug used to temporarily reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. Training is only 30 minutes and you will receive a FREE kit with everything you need including the naloxone. Training can be done in the location of your choice (in your home, our office).

For more information on training, please contact our Beyond the N.O.D trainer Jay – or at ext. 120