Support Services

Individuals who are HIV+ may be facing social, health and financial barriers. These individuals can benefit by drawing upon the support and experience available to them through specialized agencies and organized groups in the HIV community. Here at AIDS Niagara, there are a variety of Support Services for individuals, their family, friends and loved ones.
information, información, habari! All services are available in more than 170 languages with the support of Language Line.

Support Services at AIDS Niagara include:

    • We offer person-centered services to people living with HIV. Together with you, in a confidential and non-judgmental way, we will help you to identify your strengths, clarify your needs, establish your goals, develop a plan of support and work together to achieve successful outcomes.
    • Types of support available include:
        • - Managing your health, well being and basic needs
        • - Navigating the service system
        • - Information and Education on HIV/AIDS
        • - Practical and Emotional Support
        • - Connecting to your family, community
        • - Immigration and Settlement issues
        • - Advocacy
        • - Emotional Issues
        • - Financial Assistance
        • - Legal issues
        • - Furthering your education
        • - Employment
    • Types of Support Groups Available Include:
      • - Mens’ Group
      • - Womens’ Group
      • - Social Gatherings
    • Contact Client Support Services: phone: 905–984–8684

    Jody – Ext. 114 –
    Jackie – Ext. 119 –
    Winnie – Ext. 118 –
    Tim – Ext. 113 –

  • Confidential services for families, friends and loved ones affected by HIV.

    Who are Caregivers?
    There are many different types of caregivers…
    Caregivers, both old and young provide care and assistance for spouses, family members and other loved ones who are living with HIV. Caregivers also include individuals living with HIV who are providing a caregiving role to their children, parents, friends and loved ones.
    Caregiving can generate a great deal of challenging emotions. It’s important to acknowledge and accept what you’re feeling, both good and bad.
    These feelings don’t mean that you don’t love the person in your care, they simply mean you’re human. Even when you recognize why you’re feeling the way you do, these feelings can still be distressing.
    In order to deal with these feelings, it’s important to talk about them. There are a lot of things you can do to make the caregiving process easier for both you and your loved ones. Often, seeking support can help reveal new possibilities.

    What is Caregiver Support?
    The Caregiver Support Coordinator can help by:

    • Giving you accurate information about resources and current reports
    • Facilitating your decision making in relationship issues and caregiving concerns
    • Facilitating efforts to solve problems with loved ones and conflicts in your personal life
    • Connecting you with your community by offering group events where you can be heard and get practical advise from people in similar circumstances
    We offer:

    Counseling, educational and social programs which provide services tailored to the diverse needs of caregivers. Services attend to caregiver’s specific needs so they may be provided with the support they identify as being useful and pragmatic.

    Contact Caregiver Support Services: phone: 905–984–8684

    Stella – Ext. 126 –


  • The goal of AIDS Niagara’s Supportive Housing Program is to provide health related and/or practical services to people living with HIV or AIDS who need assistance and wish to remain in a homelike environment.
    Contact Supportive Housing: phone: 905-688-5670

    Inas- Ext. 302








  • Aid For Pets works alongside AIDS Niagara clients exclusively to care for and maintain the health of and relationship with individuals living with HIV’s pet family members. This is achieved through the provision of affordable and accessible veterinarian care, food and necessary supplies to clients in emergnecy situations, as well as to provide related pet education and opportunities for clients to be involved with the community.

    Service Offered Include: The Bank (Pet Food & Supplies), Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Re-homing, Pet Education

    How to Apply: Please fill out the Pet Profile here and be sure to fill out one profile per pet. To access services you will contact your case manager who will then be responsible for determining your need based on your circumstances. Cases will be determined on an individual case by case basis.

    If you are in need of our services, please fill out an application that will be provided to you by your case manager. When a decision is made to provide services, your case manager will notify Aid for Pets. Once approved, the needed items will be delivered to AIDS Niagara. Pick up or delivery will be arranged with you through your case manager.

    Rules and Restrictions: As the program is not intended for long-term on-going care, the amount of claims will be limited. The pet bank will only be available to clients of AIDS Niagara who are in a financial or situational crisis and are unable to provide daily food to their pets on a temporary, time limited basis. It will also be limited to the supplies in stock.